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Tell-A-Friend program

Tell A Friend EasyWebshop is a community driven application. Word-of-mouth accounts for about 90% of our new customers.

With the Tell-A-Friend program you receive a kickback fee for every new customer you bring to us.

High payouts

Tell-A-Friend can be found at Dashboard > Tell-A-Friend.

If Tell-A-Friend is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level.

Tell A Friend

How does it work?

Invite a friend or colleague to start a shop with your Tell-A-Friend URL.
That's your shop address with /start at the end.

The new customer will also receive the amount as a discount on his own purchase.

After the upgrade of the shop, the credit is automatically added to your account balance. You can also view a summary of the shops you added and your revenue.

Payout on invoice

On the Dashboard > Tell-A-Friend page you can find an overview of your revenue.

Starting at € 100 you can send us an invoice to collect the amount. You can also use the amount to upgrade your own shop or for ordering a domain name.

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