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HTML5 / CSS benutzerdefinierten Layout

HTML - XML You can further customize the CSS of the template you use, or use your own HTML5 template.

These layout options can be found at Settings > Layout > Expert.

If CSS Lay-out is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Expert, at Settings > User experience level.

These are expert modules. They can only be used when there is knowledge of HTML and CSS. When necessary, a web designer can do this for you.

Changing the CSS file

The CSS that you enter here overrules the layout settings. As long as this module is active, most of the layout settings will no longer work.

To start over, remove the CSS Layout in CMS. The default CSS code of the chosen design will now be displayed again. Deactivate the module when you want to use the simple layout settings again.

The activation code for this module is MODCSS.

Custom layout

You can fully customize the layout yourself or let a web designer do it for you.

It is allowed to copy the EasyWebshop templates for use as a custom template.

Upload a layout

This allows you to upload the index.html file of your layout. You can also zip and upload an entire folder (with images and CSS files).

Layout keywords

[WEBSHOP_HEADER]Titel and meta tags, required
[WEBSHOP_CONTENT]Page content, required
[WEBSHOP_CATEGORYLIST]Categories: 1 level
[WEBSHOP_CATEGORYLIST2]Categories: 2 levels
[WEBSHOP_BREADCRUMB]Navigation: breadcrumbs
[WEBSHOP_LANGUAGE_DROPDOWN]Language: drop down menu
[WEBSHOP_CURRENCY_DROPDOWN]Currency: drop down menu
[WEBSHOP_CURRENCY_MOBILE]Currency: simplified links
[WEBSHOP_BACKLINK]Backlink EasyWebshop.com, required.
[WEBSHOP_FOOTSCRIPTS]Scripting at the bottom of the page (Product gallery)

It is not allowed to remove the Powered by link. Please also respect copyrights when you download a template from the internet.

Possible Problems

I don't see changes on the website after saving
Check if the module is activated. You can only use one of the two layout modules at the same time. So make sure that the other module is disabled.

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